Spain fears Ebola but government says all under control

Spain is well-equipped to contain the Ebola virus, the government says, but many Spaniards are worried about how the disease is being managed after a nurse became the first confirmed case of the deadly virus being contracted outside Africa.

Teresa Romero is being treated in a Madrid hospital. She is one of six people placed in quarantine since Monday while more than 50 healthcare workers are under observation because of their contact with the nurse and two repatriated Catholic missionaries who died of Ebola in Madrid in August and September.

Opposition politicians criticised the government - particularly Health Minister Ana Mato - in the Spanish parliament on Wednesday for failing to respond to the crisis quickly, and for - they said - not providing Spaniards with enough information or reassurance.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called on his critics to "let the healthcare professionals, who have proven prestige, do their job", adding: "The Spanish health system is one of the best in the world."

Hospital protests

But in the suburb of Alcorcon, where the infected nurse lives, locals are concerned. "I don't want to panic but I'm scared, above all for my kids," Pilar Valencia, who lives in same building as Ms Romero, told Spanish media.