Spain: 3 more people with Ebola-like symptoms hospitalised

Three more people showing Ebola-like symptoms have been hospitalised in Madrid, bringing the total to six. One of those six is Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who was infected with Ebola.

More than 50 other people are being monitored by Spanish authorities, as anger spreads about how Romero was able to contract the virus.

The nurse told a local broadcaster on Wednesday that she was starting to feel better.

In an interview with a Spanish breakfast show presenter, Teresa Romero gave a startling account of how she found out she was infected through reading a news article on her mobile phone.

Teresa, an auxillary nurse who offered voluntarily to work with the Ebola infected priest Manuel Garcia Viejo, said that medical staff were given some basic training on how to put on and take off the protective suits.

Romero is the first person to have contracted Ebola in Europe.

The nurse’s home was disinfected on Wednesday to ensure it was Ebola-free.

Later in the day, a veterinary van carrying the pet dog belonging to Romero and her husband left from outside their home.

The local government in Madrid approved putting the dog to sleep, saying it posed a biological risk and there was evidence dogs could carry the virus.