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PoolParty’s semantic extractor (PPX) helps to annotate Drupal content nodes automatically. By specifying the fields of a content node that should be annotated or categorized, PowerTagging for Drupal stores automatically all relevant tags into the Drupal DB. The tagging are based on the concepts of specific SKOS thesauri and on free terms (on the basis of a frequency analysis of the analysed content). Based on this, filter systems, semantic search, glossary widgets or automatically created topic pages / dossiers can be created.

Link: http://www.semantic-web.at/semantic-powertagging-drupal

19th October 2015

China's economy grew 6.9% in the third quarter, the weakest rate since the global financial crisis.
The year-on-year growth rate is also below the government's 7% target.

23rd June 2015

Eurozone leaders have broadly welcomed new proposals for Greek reforms amid hopes a deal can be struck within days to stop Greece defaulting on its debt.

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20th May 2015

European Union plans to cope with the vast numbers of migrants risking their lives crossing the...

27th February 2015

Damien McGuinness reports from Berlin: ''Both Athens and Berlin have compromised''

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12th February 2015

The creation of a European banking union is a major step forward in the region’s financial integration.