Five people are hospitalised in Spain after a nurse contracts Ebola in Madrid


Five people have been hospitalised in Spain after a nurse contracted Ebola after caring for a victim transported back from West Africa.

Madrid health officials have released a video of the room being cleaned where the victim died to show precautions are being taken to prevent the virus spreading.

The nurse who tested positive on Monday is the first person to become infected in Europe.

Four others who have been in contact with her are being monitored in hospital including the nurse’s husband.

Another 50 people are also being observed as a precaution but despite assurances from the health authorities concern is growing among neighbours of the nurse in the Madrid suburb where she lives.

“We are all worried, not just me, everyone. This is like a snowball, you just don’t know where it’s going to stop. If every person who has had contact with this person has contact with another 30, 40 persons, if this person meets another five, this could snowball,” said neighbour Francisco.

On Tuesday dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Spanish health ministry calling for the resignation of Health Minister Ana Mato.

After doctors complained that isolation procedures and equipment were not up to scratch there is much criticism of the government’s handling of the Ebola outbreak.

The first case of Ebola transmitted outside Africa – where a months-long outbreak has killed more than 3,400 people – is raising questions about how prepared wealthier countries are for handling the disease.